This is an account of the adventures of Eduardo Campos, Colin Cindrich and Derrick Wong while traversing through two continents on the way from Tierra Del Fuego to Vancouver. Our mutual craving of the open road will drive this 20,000 km 100 day journey.

Using our faithful Kawasaki KLR's we will ride the "Long Way Up" along the Pan-American Highway. We will first ride to Tierra del Fuego from Santiago Chile where are bikes were shipped. From the "End of the Earth" we will start our long ride northward, first on the Argentinian coast then cutting across into northern Chile. Traversing anything from deserts to mountains, we will arrive in Ecuador or Colombia where we will board a boat to bypass the Darien Gap, known as the missing link in the pan-american highway. Continuing northward from Panama passing through Central America while enjoying some of the more tropical destinations. Making our way through Mexico, we will hopefully pass through the border into the States and from there will meander on up to our home and native land, Canada.