Other Blogs


Alberto & Naomi - British Columbia, Salt Spring.  Found us in El Calafate as they finally caught up to us.  They rode from BC down to Torres Del Paine and back to Peru.  In Peru both of their BMW 800 GS´s engines blew.

Becky and Nick - Bellingham, Washington,  Met in Peurto Natalas after finishing their 1300 km kayak journey.

Lenny Neugarten - US, Met while changing tire outside Ushuaia

John and Lynda - Aus, Met in the highest geisers in the world.  Travelling around the world on a beast of a motorhome.

Paul Gareau - USA, past day 600 of his bicycle tour down from Alaska.

Ben and Elle - UK and Norway, After 6 monthes, Elle joined the trip from Alaska and have been going for about 2.

Shirley and Yannick - France, Doing a Transcontinental Triathalon from Alaska to Ushuaia, Bikes, hike and kayak.

Tsuyoshi Yoshihora - Japan, on a 3 year journey on his BMW 1200 GS.  The proud Japanese Ghe Guevara ready to start a revolution!

Adam - England, has been travelling for over 5 years on two different motorcycles.  He put 133,000 kms on his BMW F650 and now he is on his second bike a Suzuki DR 650 with 70,000 kms and counting.

Brian Rossy - Aus - Our Aussie friend riding a Suzuki DR 650. We met in Colombia after basically following the same route he did.  We were maybe a week behind him until we finally caught up to him.  We took Fritz the Cat together too Panama.

Heinz & Beth - Brazil - A couple travelling 2 up on a BMW 1200 GS.  Met while travelling together on Fritz the Cat.  Definitely the largest motorcycle on that boat.