Eduardo Andres Campos 1958 - 2011

It saddens me dearly to lose such a wonderful person.

There are only a handful of people who come into your world and touch your life in a dramatic fashion.  I can say with great certainty that Eduardo was one of these people.  I first met Eduardo when I started my Co-op as a student.  Eduardo soon took me under his wing and trained me the way Eduardo trains people.  He was ever so patient with me and allowed me to make my own mistakes.  He is one of the main people responsible for my interest in engineering and starting a career in this field.  From being his trainee we then became good friends.  As the friendship grew we shared many interests which included travelling.  He would tell me all these stories of his previous travels and all the amazing experiences he had from them.  I remember seeing in his house the many photos of his adventures with his family and could tell that he loved every single moment.  He has taught me to never regret anything in life,to live out your dreams to the fullest and to always be willing to learn new things.  His relaxed approach and positive outlook on life has always been a virtue Ive much appreciated.

I want to extend my deepest condolences to his family.  Tamiko, Eduardo always spoke of you with such love and admoration.  Midori and Tamo, your father was an amazing, one of a kind, inspirational human being and Im truly sorry for your loss.  If the family requires anything, Colin and myself are here to provide any necessary help at your request.  With Tamiko and Hectors permission we have decided to set up a road side memorial for Eduardo on the highway the accident occured. 

Eduardo, I hope where you are there is lots of powder in the mountains, sunshine all around, and white sandy beaches to kick back on.  Learn how to ride that big wave!

I will miss you. 

Buen viaje mi amigo.