The End of the Journey

Derrick and I parted ways with Eduardo the morning of the 31st after our wonderful breakfast on the lakeside.  Derrick and I were going to make our way up to the Northeast of Guatemala and see the amazing sight of Tikal.  Eduardo having already "checked it off" had his sights set for the Mexican border after which he was planning on making his way up the coast as he loved his "beach to beach" traveling style. 

We made the short trip back up to the highway from the small town of Panahachel on Lago Atitlan.  Upon arrival at the highway we dismounted our bikes and said our goodbyes.  Shaking hands swapping the words of caution and care we said what has become our final goodbye.  Derrick and I departed south on the road while Eduardo with his cautious nature sat setting out the best route in his beloved Lonely Planet.

Presumably Eduardo then attempted to join traffic running northbound and from what can be pieced together from the reports and what the Embassy has found, he was then most unfortunatly struck by a vehicle traveling northbound.  Those surrounding the intersection attempted to help the best they could by attempting to get information of the driver and get help for Eduardo.  He was then rushed to the small hospital nearby in Solola upon which we was transferred to the larger Hospital Roosevelt in Guatemala City.

Upon arrival at the hospital his information was gathered and the Chilean Embassy was contacted upon which the Canadian Embassy was contacted.  The Canadian Embassy then informed Eduardos wife of the unfolding events which had occured.  Eduardo suffered from head trauma and internal bleeding which the doctors worked on tiressly through the night to allow for recovery.  Unfortunatly he succummed to his injuries and passed on the morning of June 1st 2011.

Eduardos father, Hector, and wife, Tamiko, arrived in town shortly after Derrick and I had discovered the most unfornuate news.  Eduardo is being cremated and then will travel to Vancouver for his funeral at a later date.

I first met Eduardo during a day of back country skiing.  I will always remember Eduardo showing both Derrick and I up as he lept up the mountain leaving us in our snowshoes behind.  During the span of this trip which spanned 11 countries I have come to know and deeply respect Eduardo.  Sharing many tables and hotel rooms we heard many stories of his adventures and family.  He became a great friend and mentor to both Derrick and I in our adventure around the world and in the similar lives we lead.  Eduardo´s adventurous spirit was the heart of this trip and is what made it reality instead of a dream.  Eduardo consistently spoke of his beloved family around the table as we heard stories of both his son, Tamo, which he passed his adventurous spirit onto and his daughter, Midori, who has his strong willed nature.  We also consistently were told of the great travel stories which him and his wife shared.  I am deeply saddened by this most unfortunate turn of events but am also comforted in the fact that he left us in his element.  We will always take to heart his outlook on life and his encouraging words for us to go further with our travels and enjoy the ride at every moment.  The memories of this great adventure with Eduardo will comfort us as we cherish his memory.  I send my deepest condolances to the family and extended family of Eduardo who will be in my prayers.

Derrick and I both agree that our trip has ended in Guatemala city with Eduardo and as such the blog will no longer be updated.  Please continue to leave your prayers, condolances and words of support for the family in the guestbook.