Gautemala, Panahachel - Lakeside Breakfast

We woke up early that morning and headed for the panderia around the corner from the hostel.  We had finished the tasty pastries by the time we had returned and quickly fashioned the jackets, helmets and gloves and headed for Lago Atitlan. 

We took the back road into the lake, which traversed its way around the volcanoes in the region, by several waterfalls, and over rivers.  This stretch of road reminded me of the interior of BC with the abundance of Pine trees and the lush green vegetation.  This was one of the most memorable roads on this journey.

We approached the lake at elevation which made for some beautiful shots of the Volcanoes and the emerald blue lake below.

On the way down to the main town of Panajachel we passed one of our favorite signs.  The road wound tight to the green mountain side and slowly made its way to the lakeside.

Once arriving in Panahachel we parked our bikes and walked along the small pathway on the edge of the water.  There was a great cafe just off the path which overlooked the Lake and volcanoes and allowed for an unforgetable breakfast.