Colombia, Caucasia - Too much excitement

A little bit of a late start, after the fine columbian coffee was downed, then we set out into the hills of Medellin where many of the drug battles were fought.  After speaking with the hostel owners we were very cautious as we heard the absolutly alarming statistics of how many motorcyclists die in the city every day...  We made our way onto the highway and once again climbed up into the cooler and much more comforatable air.  Peaking at 2800m it was the coldest we had felt in a while, almost to the point where I may have considered doing the rest of my jacket up.  We had an early lunch at the top to take advantage of the elevation and cool down before heading down to sea level into the plains. 

The plains were faster,straighter and much hotter.  The highway speeds were welcomed to keep the air flowing through my heavy black riding gear.  Coming into the small town Caucasia, we lost each other in the bustling traffic.  Being a smaller town, I wasnt to worried and just stopped at the end of town to wait for the guys behind so we could regroup.  Knowing Derrick was behind me, I was quite confused when I saw Eduardo first.  Waiting another 15 minutes, and still not seeing Derrick, I continued on figureing I may have missed him.  After catching Eduardo 15km down the road, he went forward and I went back since neither of us had seen him.  Searching and finding nothing, then Ed and I connected again and it was growing dark, still having no idea where Derrick was, we found a hotel near where we last saw him and sent him an email.  Dark at this point and still no Derrick, we were getting worried.  An hour later, 4 emails come in stating he is right down the road.  Waiting and waiting, I decided to go look for him but still with no avail.  But upon return the lost member had arrived.  We learned our lesson on that one, no more loosing teamates in the dark in bad towns for hours at a time.  After the stress had subsided, we had a swim and played some pool before hitting the air conditioned rooms for a nights sleep.