Nicaragua, San Juan Del Sur - Border Crossing Fun

Today our goal was to tackle the Costa Rica to Nicaragua border crossing.  3 kms out from the border we saw trucks lined up and we thought to ourselves that the border crossing would take forever.  We decided to ride to the front of the line and see what was happening.  Apparently, any trucks going North have to be completely searched, even unloaded, before they can cross.  Fortunately for us we didnt have to go through this procedure. The Costa Rica exit was relatively easy.... Get passport stamped run around and photocopy then find Aduana and you are good to go for Costa Rica.  Next is entering Nicaragua which is painful.

We ended up just using a border "fixer" to help the process along.  The entire crossing took about 3 hours which is actually quick from the stories we have heard.  The buildings to do certain paperwork to cross are all over the place.  And money seemed to be flying out of our wallets for certain fees which we made sure were legit by researching before hand.


Anyone needing further information on where to go just send us an email.