El Salvador, Los Cabanos - To the Beach

Leaving the our air conditioned room was a tough one.  The morning was warm and humid and we couldnt wait for the air to be rushing inside our jackets to cool us down.  El Salvador is known for its many beaches that provide excellent surf.  We rode through many little beach towns and enjoyed the scenery.  We made it just 10 kms outside of Los Cabanos, where we planned on staying, when my chain at the masterlink decided to split.  Not knowing my chain fell off I started assuming the worst as I was in gear and going no where.  I stopped on the side of the highway and did a once over on my bike.  Noticed my chain was 10 meters back from where my bike was parked and picked it up.  Colin and Eduardo eventually noticed I wasnt in their mirrors and turned around.

A kind local fellow stopped to see if I was alright and told me to follow him because he knew a guy who could fix my chain.  Colin tied a rope to my crash bars and down the highway we went (not the first time hes towed me).  We made it into town where we took a master link from an old o-ring chain and used that with my chain.  With that solution we made it to our hostel.  We walked along the beach to find a quaint little restaurant.  Just a simple place with 2 light bulbs, palm tree roof, and a few tables and benches.  The food there was probably the best food we have had all trip.  The Mahi Mahi was wrapped around delicious prawns based in a amazing sauce.  Was perfect.  Then the tropic clouds came in again and we walked back to the hostel to call it a night.