Nicaragua, Isla Ometepe - Jungle Stares

Coming around the back side of Isla Ometpe, we would go through villagers who all managed to be outside along the road.  The people would then all turn around from whatever they were doing and stare at us as we passed.  Even turning so they could watch us leave.  A few times they managed to wave back to our waves, but typically we recieved a somber head bob.

Starting off at the begining of the day, we got oursleves some fruit salad and a cup of cafe and lazed in the beach chairs unitl we managed enough energy to pack up.  We were in no rush since we were only heading about 40 km away to Isla Ometepe where we would catch the ferry over and then stay the night.  Derrick and I caught the 10:30 ferry while Eduardo stayed a little while to get his laundry.  The ferry ride was rittled with Americans, all ready for their jungle adventure.  Once we saw the mass amounts of gringos we were a little worried the island would turn out to be run over and not natural anymore.

Upon arrival we were assured of the non spoiled nature as the stares started instantly and the jungle became dense.  We made our way out of the bigger town in search of even small towns; the natural ones.  We found the place we were looking for at the base of Maderas Volcano in a small eco hostel.  The road up was a little hairy, but similar to the main roads.  Derrick and I had a quick lunch and then unloaded our bikes so we could go adventuring around the Volcano down the very rough roads.


While Derrick and I traversed to Island, Eduardo hit the beach on his rented bicycle.  After our 2 hour adventure around the volcano, we set up in the hammocks for the rest of the sunlight read and ate fresh mangos off the trees which we were surrounded by.  We then enjoyed a diner in the hut overlooking the opposite volcano; Volcano Conception.

The night was still young, but with nothing really to do in the middle of a jungle, we read for a while amongst the large bugs and ate some more mangos before turning it in.