Ecuador, Riobamba - A ride in the fog past a erupting volcano

We rode down the cobbled stone roads out towards the round about to head towards Quito.  We got lost in a hurry and somehow Colin and I got split up from Eduardo.  We eventually found the Pan American highway again and were on our way.  We climbed up and up.  We saw the largest pig we have ever seen before.  I literally thought it was a horse eating garbage until I got closer.  Anyways, we continued along at a good pace until we hit an immensely dense patch of fog.  It would cover your visor in dew and was so hard to see a couple of meters infront of you.  It also doesnt help when no one has their headlights on to see oncoming traffic.

We eventually got through the fog after winding down the mountain side.  Around one of the turns we finally caught up to Eduardo who somehow got ahead of us.  We stopped in a small town to have lunch.  Only costed us a whole $2.50 which came with soup, juice, rice, chicken, salad, and a coffee.

Together again we headed to Riobamba where we did the usual get lost in town looking for a hostel.  We eventually found the Oasis Hostel which was a great place for only $10.00 a night with parking for the motorcycles.  We went to the local supermarcado too pick up some food for the morning and we noticed the security gaurd who had his gun unholstered while he was hovering his hand over it walking around the store.  Made for some interesting shopping.  We walked around town a little bit and snapped some pictures.  There was a volcano erupting near by which was showering the surrounding area with ash.  There was black soot everywhere.

Heres the garden just outside of our room.  

In Peru we have came across some shady showers.  Even though the showers are still better than Chile and Argentina... dont know where they learned to use drywall for the walls of the shower stall... Anyways we went from this....  Notice the ground wire is just touching the metal piping....

to this... wow.