Panama, Boquete - The Beginnings of Central America

Rode our first several hundred kilometers in Central America today.  We rode from Panama City to Boquete which is a Volcano just south of the Costa Rica border.  This morning we went over to visit Rossy to see if he wanted to head out of town with us.  Unfortunately, the bank wasnt allowing him to withdraw any money so he had to stick around to get that sorted out.  Fortunately, for us tho the hostel he was staying at provided us with some maps of Central America. 

The highway was littered with police checking for speeding.  The road was pretty easy to put down lots of KMs quickly so we arrived in Boquete around 4pm.  Boquete is apparently known to be the fourth best place to retire according to something which we heard from someone...  We walked around town and grabbed some dinner then called it quits for the night at a nice hostel on the side of town.