El Salvador, Santa Rosa - Honduras in the Rear View, Where it Belongs

In position to do the border which we had heard so much about; 100 km from border, early wake up and lots of small bills for bribes.  The Honduras border story is one we have heard much from other riders we have crossed.  ¨They asked me for 200¨ or ¨Wouldn´t let me out if i didn´t pay them 250.¨  We arrived at the border and were instantly surrpunded by the fixers we had heard of.  We used one to show us the windows we needed to go to and paid the fees ourselves.  It didnt seem to help a whole lot since it seems that everyone at the border is in on the scam.  Even the lady behind the glass at customs we asked for money.  After stalling and asking we decreased what one fee was and didnt pay the others.  All in all we paid 50 each, and left with the proper paper work.  Or so we thought. 

We bombed through the shortest distance possible through the country 160km.  We were stopped 6 times and asked for brides.  The ADVers kindly refer to this stretch of road as the guanlet, and rightfully so.  We paid a few "road taxes", as we began to refer to them, and bluffed a few off as we fought our way through the guanlet.  Arriving at the exit 2 hours later, we thought this would be easy.  As it turns out, we didnt get a reciept for what we paid upon entrance to the country, so we had to pay 15 each so they could turn their heads.  Exhausted with all this stress, we paid up to put this country in the past.

With the Honduras stuff in order it was time for the El Salvador side of things.  It was back to normal for El Salvador, no ¨fees¨ or hassles.  This didn´t mean that the waits were over.  2 hours waiting for the customs to be done and well into darkness.  We broke the rule of driving in the dark, as we proceded 1 km down the road to the Hotel del Aduana.  Met some charming people at the restobar that night including a member of the Mara Salvatrucha and called it early to enjoy the air con and movie channel.