Colombia, Medellin - Birthday Present from the Policia

After 4 days of waiting and resting in Cali we were itching to get some miles down.  We said our goodbyes and took a photo infront of the lovely Casa Blanca Hostel.

The road out of town was straight and double laned.  We made good time for the first 100 kms then the road gained elevation and we began to climb into the mountains.  There were plenty of large semis to slow down traffic and the Colombian thing to do is to pass them on a double solid line on a turn.  So I decided to fit in and follow a car passing a semi.  Well next thing you know there was two police officers sitting on the bend waiting for me.  They let the car go infront of me and jumped infront of me pulling me over.  Thought about taking off then thought twice as they had very large rifles strapped around their shoulders.  They approached me and asked for my documents.  I handed over my fake license and registration.  Next thing I know he is asking for my passport.  Well I really did not want to give him that but decided it would be in my best interest as he has a much bigger gun than I.  Eduardo pulled up behind me a few minutes later and the spanish talking began.  Apparently, the officers were threatening to impound my motorcycle and give me a ticket.  Eduardo gave them a soap story that we were trying to make it to Cartagena in three days to catch a boat.  Eduardo then said he had to find Colin and rode off to wait down the road.  The officers came back over to me with a large smile and gave back all my documents.  He then said how old are you?  Looking puzzled I replied then he said Happy Birthday and we chit chatted in broken spanish about music and motorcycles for a few minutes.  Then he let me go.  That was a good birthday present....

How most of the Policia look in Colombia.

Feeling lucky and relieved we headed up and over the mountains towards Medellin to a hostel that catered to motorcycles.  We went out for some pizza and came back to the hostel.  The hostel owner gathered up the people at the hostel and made a cake to surpise me for my birthday.  Very nice of her.  Had some great cake and everyone enjoyed a shot of Medellin Rum.

Colombia has so many motorcyclists.  Everyone lane splits and no one wears any gear.  They do wear helmets but they dont exactly look like they fit.  Seems like if you ride a motorcycle the law doesnt exactly matter.  They line the side of the highway as their bikes are all of smaller displacement.  The shoulder seems to be a lane for slow moving motorcyclists.

Also on a side note.  Canada is very mutlicultural so to us Canadians seeing a group people of different ethic background together is normal and no one would look twice.  However, when we were in Cali we had an English fellow, Japanese, Chinese, Chilean, and Colin (hes a lot of things) all hanging out together.  Needless to say we got a lot of different looks from the locals.

Colin enjoying the bendy roads.

Birthday cake.