Nicaragua, Leon - Colonial town run around

We awoke to hundreds of dead bugs littering the floor of our room and even more dead bugs just outside our bedroom door.  We navigated our way down from the hostel and headed towards the ferry back to the mainland.  We just missed one of the ferries so we were forced to wait.  While we waited, Eduardo used the opportunity to have his boots shined up by one the locals.  The shoe shiner told us he made approximately 4 to 5 dollars a day doing what he did.  The ferry finally came at 11:00 am and we boarded to take the hour long boat ride.

Once we got to shore we rode off the ferry into a huge swarm of flies.  They were everywhere so we got out of there quickly.  We stopped at the first intersection in town and who did we see rolling down the street across from us.  It was our Aussie friend Rossy heading towards where we just came from, Isla Ometepe.  We chatted for a bit and parted ways as we didnt want him to miss the ferry.

We headed into a Colonial town called Granada for lunch.  With our amazing (sarcasm) decision making skills as a team we decided to head to another Colonial town called Leon.  Once we got to Leon we found a hostel called Lazy Bones.  It had a nice little swimming pool, 5 computers, pool table and nice court yard to have coffee in.  We had met a guy from our hostel who was from California and we all went out for dinner.  As we ate dinner the thunder clouds rolled in and the a sheet of water dropped from above.  We slowly waded our way through the downpour back to our hostel to sit in the courtyard to have a few beers and relax for the night.  However that was cut short as the power went out.  We all decided to hit the hay and have a early start to the next morning as we were planning on crossing into and out of Honduras. 

Eduardo trying to camouflage himself in with the surroundings.  Pathway leaving our hostel on Isla Ometepe.

Colin and our bikes admiring the graffiti work on the walls of the Lazy Bones hostel.