Costa Rica, Quepos/La Cruz - Junglized America

Departing from the dense jungle we encountered the same streams as our way in, except this time Eduardo's bike was dropped on the edge of the river, instead of in.  The 30km of dirt road traversed its way through the dense jungle with a river, 4 streams and a little bit of mud.  It was tame compared to other stuff Derrick and I have seen.  Although Eduardo hadn´t been exposed to such conditions yet.

It was already getting warm when we got back to the Corcovado Penninsula entrance town Rincon. However once we hit the rough pavement outside of Rincon the rain began fall as we dodged the potholes which made up most of the roadway.  70km down and we were arriving back at one of our favorite gas stations which seemed to stock all of the parts we needed, including oil.  We attempted to wait out the rain by changing our oil in the station, then fixed a few other things, and also had lunch.

After sitting in the restaurant after the meal for about an hour and a half we decided it was time to go and assembled our rain gear. We hit a few tame rainfalls, and then the mother of all of them as we entered Quepos.

Derrick and I waited in first bus shelter we saw in Quepos for Eduardo, and then we entered town once the rain subsided somewhat.

We found the hostel pretty quick, very nice and a gorgeous view.  Only thing was the computers and free calls were not available do to some lightening strikes earlier in the day.  Went down to the beach that night and relaxed then had a quick diner back the "Friends" cafe.

View from the hammocks at the Hostel

Quepos Beach

Me riding with Der down to the beach

We have found Costa Rica to be incredibly beautiful, although it is far more americanized than all of the countries we have seen. TGI Fridays, McDonalds, and Burger Kings are scattered about along with the abundance of English spoken.  This all feels a little easy once South America is in the rear view mirror.

We really wanted to beat the heat and rain so we braved the 6am alarm and packed up as fast we could.  This was a little delayed by the dozens of spiders Derrick and I found in our helmets though.  We made it to Liberia for lunch and couldnt resist the burger king, churches chicken and mcdonalds all packed into a cafe mall.  We decided to hold up in La Cruz for the night before we head into Nicaragua tomorrow.  This border may also prove to be a hectic one so we will see how it goes.  For the night, we are stuck with the pool and beach for entertainment; I guess we will suvive.