Ecuador, Cayamba - Middle of the Earth!

We ate our breakfast in bed while watching the Crocodile Hunter movie then packed up and rolled back onto the Pan American to head north.  We decided to bypass Quito as we did not feel being in a big city and getting lost trying to find our way around.  As soon as we rolled into the entrance of Quito there was a traffic jam.  We sat in traffic for about half an hour while smaller bikes were able to lane split their way to the front.  Unfortunately, our large rears of our bikes prevented us from getting between the cars so we had to wait it out with all the others.

On our way to Quito we also passed Cotopaxi Volcano which is one of the highest active volcanoes in the world.

Eventually we got through traffic and through Quito to the other side.  Colin watched his GPS as the latitude read 0 degrees.  We made it to the Equator!  There was a somewhat of a tacky turisty site to visit so we had to pull in to check it out.

Panama hat!!! yes they are made in Ecuador..

After a bunch of goofy pictures and a walk back and forth over the equator we headed into Cayamba to find a place to stay for the night.  We just rolled in while the sun was setting.  Apparently, Cayamba is famous for its Bizcoches which are a breaded buttery pastry.  Amazing with coffee.

Bizcoches shops all over Cayamba.  At this one all the big buses would stop and grab a bag for the road.