The Darien Gap Troubles

We have got news today that the flight from Cali, Colombia is going to cost around 1500.00 USD for just the bike which is a lot more than we were expecting.  We thought from all the rumors that it was going to cost around 900 for the bike and 3-400 for ourselves each.

So now we are contemplating if we are going to travel to Bogata to save a few hundred bucks and fly to Panama City or to go to Cartagena where we can find a sail boat.  If has experience of travelling from Colombia to Panama feel free to message us to help us with our decision!  Basically, either boat or plane, Cartagena or Bogata.  Either one has advantages or disadvantages.

Its funny how the cost of shipping our bike to Panama City is the same price as to ship our bikes to Miami.  The cost of bikes to ship a month ago from Cali was 650 USD.. now its 1500 USD which makes the decision even more troublesome.

Ideas welcome.