Ecuador, Cuenca - Deep into Ecuador

After our typical lazy morning of bread and blogging, we departed out from the dreaded border town we had made camp in.  Getting right into the feilds of banana plantations, we really felt like we were getting the treatment.  Still hot and humid, although no sun was peeking through on to our faces.

We decided on the flip of the coin once filling the tanks with the cheap gas we would depart into the mountains. Once into the mountains, there was the first of the predicted detours and a long one at that.  About 5 km in, my back tire decided to slide out and land on the precious raditor of the KLR.  After inspection, I noted the bend in the rad and a few minor scrapes elsewhere on the moto. 

After experiecing a little rain and some almost tropical green landscapes, we arrrived at the destiation, Cuenca.  As shown below has one of the most stunning plazas we have seen.  Two beautiful churches along with the landscaped plaza makes for a urban hub like no other.  We love the idea of the plaza, the center, families around at night, concerts, the center of the city, not only by geography, we just dont know why Canada doesnt do this. 

After a nice diner, and the coffee in the plaza, we headed back to our hostel which was restored from a historical home, very interest large room with a loft, all for 8 a piece.  Heading north, as usual, tomorrow, we will see where we end up.