Argentina, El Calafate - A constant lean to the right.... Windy Patagonia

Packed up the tent, had some coffee, loaded up the bikes and we were back on the RN-40.  Riding down this highway you are constantly concentrating.  Either on the high winds blowing you sideways or the gravel on the road that can throw you to the ground.  Had to hit the reserve switch today and drove around in circles looking for a gas station.  Until we decided to ask in broken spanish one of the local workers.  He pointed us out of town and down some dirt road to a small gas station.  With the bikes full it was time to grab some lunch.  Down the road we stopped at a small estancia to have some Argentina pizza.  While sitting in the middle of no where at some small cafe a tour bus pulled in and filled the place up.  Heading out of there to battle the wind once again, we finally ended up at our destination in El Calafate.  This town is a decent tourist sized town.  Lots of shops selling lots of tourist products.  We pulled into a local campsite beside a creek and set up camp and cooked up a large dinner.

The RN-40 has been one of the most difficult highways we have encountered yet.  Constantly battling the wind which blows you all over the place.  To add to the difficulty there is also large long gravel sections.  Forgetting to put on sun screen the sun is giving us a visor tan across our faces.  Quite fashionable...

all for now.  Tomorrow the glaciers of Perito Moreno.