Chile, Chile Chico - And then there were two

We had a relaxed morning to do some laundry in our cabin, have some coffee and sit around the fire.  We re organized our items once again and we mixed to tent and the pump into our bags which eduardo had been carrying.  We the headed down to a dock to get a tour of some local caves. We quickly realized how much we had relyed on eduardo for the spanishe speaking.  Not to worry, a little hand waving and broken spanish and we were off of the rickety boat.  The caves were etched out of the marble cliffs and going through them you could feel the texture which the emerald blue lake had imprinted upon them.  25 bucks well spent.

We continued the down Lago General Carrera along the winding cliff road which was seemingly far to narrow for two cars.  Then continueing east towards Chile chico.  The cliff roads seem to get better and narrower as we progressed.  We stopped for a short late lunch at a lookout.

We were thinking of camping, but as the wind picked up decided to get in a hostal, it turned out to be quite nice, despite the great price.  Should be an early night since we have to put on some miles so we can be back in Santiago for when eduardo gets his plates and is ready to go.