Argentina, S.C. de Bariloche - First Border and Windy Roads

Waking up to the sound of rain in the old rickety house we were staying in felt refreshing from the dry days before.  This was until we began to pack our bikes and then the real rain came.  One of the maintenance guys moved the truck out of the car port and we quickly moved in to waterproof oursleves and our bikes.  After an hour or so of packing and dreading the wet ride ahead, we set off to the oily roads of osorno.  Heading east into the Andes we hit some harder rain through the lake district.  We would have seen the volcanos which surounded us, although the clouds masked the sky.  The roads and the sights more than made up for the rain.  It felt as if we were going past a somehow lusher bc lake.

Arriving at the border, we spent a while getting aquainted with the procedures and after many lines, we were free in Argentina.  Winding down the other side of the Andes we passed by the windy plains on our way to our destination on end of the large lake, San Carlos de Bariloche.  The wind is supposed to get worse which is surprising considering we are already being blown across lanes. 

Stayed in a nice hostel overlooking the lake and enjoyed the weathly Whistler like town during the night.  We are making our way south now where we will make the decision whether to take the coastal argentiain road or the Carretera Austral.  On the road a little late today, as usual, will keep you posted soon.