Argentina, Parque Nacional Los Alerces - BC Camping Style

We headed south from Bariloche on one of the highways.  The road weaved its way through the Andes moutain range along the border of Chile and Argentina.  Everytime we think that the good roads are behind us, the scenery and the roads become more interesting and beautiful. 

We have been experienceing more rain than in the north part of the trip.  It rained again today, but it was not as much as a downpour as yesterday.  The rain seems to come and pass quickly when weaving through the Andes Mountains.  Our rain gear seems to be doing the job well, but it definitly heats you up since they are not breathable in the least. 

The picutre below is on one of the new roads just built, no lines, no cars and a portion of it being freshly paved.  We figured this was a excellent place to see what the KLRs could handle.  We pinned the throttle and let them loose on the seemingly never ending vacant road.  Colins maxed out at 155, derricks at 149, and Eduardos at 145.  We figured this isnt too bad for a bike with 30 horsepower, and 200 liters of storage on the back.

Leaving Bariloche we felt we needed to rough it a little since Bariloche was so similar to what you would see in BC.  We decided to camp the night in one of the national parks on of of the many lakes in the area.  This was the view from the campsite, so we figure that this wouldnt be so bad.

Had an early evening after our scrounged diner was gone and huddled around what Derrick called a campfire.