Chile, Valparaiso - Getting right in the thick of it

After our long 10 hour flight from Toronto to Santiago we arrived into 30 degree and sunny weather.  Quite the change from the cold Vancouver we left.  We quickly got a ride from one of Eduardos friends to the bus depot, where we caught a direct bus to Valpariso.  The city itself seems much more alive than most, with alot of charecter.  Tram cars running up and down the slopes with the colorful colonial style homes.  Just finished diner while discussing how we will navigate through these crazy streets.  Eduardo has gone back to Santiago to get his passport, it seems he thought he wouldnt need it, but it is required for importing the bikes.  Should do most of the importing and building tomorrow, hope that all goes smoothly.

ps.  this is a very scummy computer booth we are cramed into right now.