Chile, Pichilemu - A day of riding and surfing paradise

Bikes are ready, batteries are ready, time for the road.  We attempted to get an early start, got some fresh breakfast from some of the local bakers and then packed the bikes.  From the looks of it, we have our a long road ahead in learning how to pack properly and fast. 

Once the bikes were packed and some inageral pictures were taken, we did our first real kilometers.  It was panned to do a short and easy riding day to get a feeling for things.  After having some difficulty getting our of the main town, many detours and traffic jams, we headed out on the open road.  The road turned out to be a beatiful road which weaved along the coast a through the foothills working our way to pichilemu.

Arriving pichilemu was a sight of its own.  A true beach town where you could hear the surf from miles away.  Our hostel is a little pricier than normal, but well worth it.  A dutch owned gorgeous beach front hostel with interesting architechture.  it even has salt water individual tubs on the patio for when you finish surfing for the day. 

Pichilemu is known for the "easy" big wave surfing.  We went out the point in town to witness the spectacle and boy did we ever.  Arriving at the point, first seeing the 30ft + break.  Some tow surfers were there and put on a show.  An incredible sight.  We just had diner at a restaurant beside us and enjoying the atmosphere at the hostel for the evening.