Chile, Peurto Natales - Flat tires and great people

Waking up from a terrible sleep partially from a small mouse scurrying around our tent all night, I began taking off the rear tire to replace the tube. New tube in, bags, tent and bike ready to go we set off. About 30 minutes into the ride my tire went flat again....figuring out a new way to prop the bike up we found a bench and lifted the klr onto it. The took the tire off and patched it up. The spot we stopped at had many tourists come and go. Many asking us to take pictures of them while we worked away on the tire. A father and daughter gave us their contact information and told us if we needed anything to get a hold of them which was cery nice of them to offer. Rear tire patched up and installed we were off again. Another 30 minutes into the ride the patch failed and we were stranded 20 kms from town. Colin decides to ride off into town to find a new tube while I try to figure out a plan. 30 seconds after Colin leaves three motorcyclists come around the corner. These three guys just met each other riding down from Alaska and decide to travel together. One was from Ireland, one from England, and newzealand. They helped me propy bikes up on some rocks and I worked away at taking the tire off. Already a veteran of taking the tire off from the previous two times it was off in a few minutes. They provided me with an appropriate patch for the hole and the tire was back on and ready just before Colin arrived. Since it's Sunday the shops were all closed. Thanks to these guys we were back on the road we headed to Peurto Natales where we found a hostel to bunker down for the night.