Argentina, Ushuaia - The Long Road to the Start

Well we made it, derrick literally limping his bike the last 6 kms, me frozen, but with bright smiles as with saw the faithful "Most Southernly City in the World" sign approach.

I wont write to much on THE tire, I believe derrick has hammered that one through, but i will cover the other stuff from the remaining days.

The road out of Punta Arenas was smooth and less traveled, we made our way around the Striaght of Magellan to the cheap ferry.  On the way we ran accross an abondoned estancia which looked more with a thriving village at one time.  Really interesting style of building and also included a couple of shipwrecks which sat on the adjacent beach.  Made it to the ferry and chatted with some german friends we met in Torres del Paine, who believe it or not drove a ford taures from alaska, which knowing from experience is not the most reliable car.

We are now officially on Tierra del Feugo, we can taste the start line ahead.  Sensing our excitment for this, derrick tire decided to blow once we made our way into the Argentinian side of the island.  This was 40 km out of Rio Grandes and just going dark, we figured it was better to set up camp in a ditch rather than fumble around with a patch that may work and it dropped below zero.  A cold night was spent still with the layers from the day in that sleeping bag, but boy are we glad we have a emergency food, tent and bags for such an occasion.

Woke up early to the rain, yes rain and fixed the tire.  Wet and feeling better that we were moving, we got into town and started the seach for the motorcycle shop.  After buying 3 of the most expensive tubes, we were on our way.  50 km out, pop.  New tube, and go.  30 km, pop.  New tube, and go.  30 km from Ushuaia, pop.  See derricks post for the rest, but i will leave it at, derrick rode the last kms on a dead flat.  Rolled into town sort of and found a hostel.  But we are in Tierra del Fuego, at Cape Horn, in the most Southernly City in the World, it cant be so bad.

Spirits still high and loving the day off.  Saving our king crab celebration meal which is apparently THE meal in town.  Although a little on the pricy side, most running for about 20 loonies.

Other updates:

  • Blog has new sections: Pictures, Itinerary and Other Blogs
  • Eduardo has made it back to Santiago and is waiting for his plates there.
  • The SPOT should be working again in a week or so.
  • We are detained in Ushuaia until we can find an alternative tire.
  • Pictures still to come, as always, keep checking.