Argentina, Trelew and Valdes - Penguins in 20 degrees?

From Pico Truncado we headed further north through  few of ther larger towns with our goal of seeing the Penguins in our mind.  The routa 3 had a nice little break in which it streched along the shore of the atlantic ocean which had some pathways down to long barren beachs.  We figured this was a great oppourtunity to take to some sand antics to break up the sparse stretch of road.  We darted along the beach while swinging our the back tire lots and racing along the shore to give the KLRs some well needed fun time. 

We figured it was time to move on so we headed back onto the 3 and came into a small town which we werre counting on for gas.  Turns our the tanks were dry and we were 340 km into our tanks, and with the KLRs having 22L tanks, 400km is when you start getting worried.  The closest town was thankfully along our way but, 77km out.  Fully tucked and with derrick drafting we babied the throttle into the next town making it to the station.  Filling up and getting a snack we heading allong the dirt road to the Penguins.

The penguins were a sight to see.  The first few a saw, i though were stuffed, the they moved, as we progressed down the boardwalk the crowds grew denser of this 250,000 penguin colony.  During the season, this colony grows to the largest in SA at 1,000,000.  We could get right up to the penguins, but not touch unless you didnt want a finger.  After we had our fun, and it was getting dark, we needed to get into town.

The town we chose was Trelew.  Along with Gaimen they make up the Welsh villages in Argentina.  We chose the most interesting place to stay, Hotel Touring Club in which Butch Cassidy stayed at in the hayday.  Hundreds of old whiskey adorned the walls and old articles and knick knacks.

We had a relaxed morning while washing bikes, stocking up, oiling, and tuning, and then headed for Valdes.  Only being about200 km away it was a short day in which we browsed through the museum and lazed around the local resto bar.  The weather has really changed now, seeing in the low 20s duiring the day, and no rain in sight within a week.  We are developing quite a helmet tan, which is similar to a farmers tan, yet on the face.

Headed for camp on one of the nearby spits and set up.   We would have been seeing dozens of whales before us had it been the right season, but I guess a few penguins around the campsite will suffice.  Early to bed and dug deep into our books.