Argentina, Rio Grande - A short day made long

Excited about the first day in a while when we would get some miles on, we woke up early and it only took derrick a mere 30 minutes to roll out of bed aside from the usual 45.  Had our quick breadfast, as some people call it since all it consists of sometimes is bread, and got down to the newly prepped and oild bikes.  Tire flat.  Again.  Went over to the moto shop and waited for it to open and got it fixed for the last time.

We planned to go out to the end of the world sign in the park that morning, and that also allowed us to do a little tire test before we started on our 520 km planned for that day.  We got the picture.  For some reason in the adventure moto world, this is a sought after picture to have in the album.

Breezing back into town, tire holding we broke for the open road.  100km out. pop.  Turns out that store that didnt look quite right, didnt know how to do patches quite right.  No worries, we have the extra tube that the same shop patched, but this one looks good.  In and go, 50 km, pop.  Getting our wits about us, we patch it as continue, it already being about 4 pm. we finally foound some lunch and then after a place to stay.

We still managed the min km today, 250, but no where near our 520.  All these flats, mostly caused by mis diagnosis, then faulty patches, then faulty glue, and faulty mechanics have made 14 and despite all of this I feel that this will make us strong for the km ahead.  Feeling doubtful of derricks tire we will ride on tomorrow with hopefully more luck on our patch which we literally kissed for good luck.

Also ran into a fellow KLR rider from the states, heading from Deadhorse, to Ushuaia and now headin home to the states.  Blog here:

This is the said shop with the mechanic that doesnt know how to patch.

And this is me with the new bikes we were thinking of investing in while praying for some solid tires.