Chile, Torres Del Paine - A Trek to Remember

Woke up in  the strangers house and quickly got packed up so they could once again reside in their own house.  We had a quick breakfast at the corner shop just inside the Chile Border and then left once the place was bombarded by the awful gringo buses.

We had to go in Peurto Natalas to get some gas and food and then off to Torres del Paine.  We did a short hike on the North side of the park, it goes up to a valley with a small camp.  This short taste of what resides in those mountains was almost cruel, but without proper overnight gear and the time, we couldnt go for it.  There are a few popular hikes in the mountins the W which is about a 4 day hike and a longer 7 day trek which almost encircles the park. 

After the hike the were going to make our way out of park and head back to Peurto Natalas, but only about 30 km out derrick got a flat.  We had luckly just oassed a campsite and decided to stay, but we were to hard done by the campsite had an amazing view of the torres and it had a restuarant, so we still got our steak for the night.  Then we had a nice surprise, a varierty of bugs and animals in our tent.  A mouse, spiders and and ticks.  Fun when your ready to get into your sleeping bag for the night.  Lets just hope we got them all before they got us.

This last picture is of the main mountain usually in the pictures, ours is a little better I think, notice the stars, it was taken at night.