Chile, Las Cruces : The Great Battery Search

After uncrating and building the motorcycles we were pretty excited to start the KLRs. Eduardos fired right up. Colin then tried and bzzzz is all that happened. I tried mine and the safe. Both batteries were dead. A Chilean ship yard forklift driver was nice enough to give us a boost. I only needed one boost to get mine running Colin on the other hand required three boosts......

Finally on our way we made it to Eduardos aunts beach house. The house was beautiful. Words cannot explain. Glad Eduardo has lots of contacts and can speak Spanish has been very helpful. The short ride to Eduardos aunts did not charge colins battery so the search for a motorcycle battery begun. We caught a ride to San Antonio from las cruces by the care taker of Eduardos aunts place. We searched many little auto shops but no battery was to be found. So we decided to catch a bus over to the large city of Santiago. We finally found a battery shop which sold every battery you could dream of. Colin bought the battery which came with a lemon mint ? We had some time to kill so we did some tourist activities and caught our bus. Turns out Eduardo purchased the wrong bus tickets and we ended up in the wrong town and had no idea where we were. We finally hopped on another bus that brought us back to las cruces. Just part of the adventure of buying a battery in chile.

So in four days we had done a total of -15 kms.... We did one huge circle and had not ridden the bikes much. But now we are on our way. Loving every minute of this trip..