Chile, Temuco - Smiles per mile

Today we started the day off with a small breakfast and a sunny morning.  Packed up the bikes and we headed south.  We headed out from the pacific coast towards Ruta 5 (Panamerican Highway) to get some serious miles in. But before the highway we travelled along some of the nicests twisty roads I´ve ever been on. Once we hit the highway we were able to travel a lot faster than the coastal routes allowed.  We were able to travel 420 kms today in total and took about 8 hours doing it.  During that time we almost ran out of gas, paid a lot of highway tolls, and ate a lot of delicious food.  We also stopped briefly at a waterfall and had a lunch at a restaurant that had a great view of it.

We finally exited Ruta 5 to a place in Chile called Temuco.  As we were searching for a place to stay Colin´s front tire went flat.  We rolled into the hotel lobby, unpacked and took the tire off to replace the tube.  Forty five minutes later and the tube was installed. 

Lastly, we got some food at a place called Chile Sandwich where Eduardo recommended we try the Completo.  The completo is a hot dog jammed with avacado and a bunch of random things that taste amazing.

Today I was able to pull the first wheelie on the klr fully loaded. Was pretty excited when that happened:)

 Pictures too come once we find  computer that isnt more than 10 years old.