Chile, Punta Arenas - The Tube Game Continues

We started off the morning with confidence, got our new laundry, despite the huge hole in one of my shirts.  Had a nice breakfast with a couple from Washington who paddeled their kayaks into town from over 1300 km away.    Their blog is here if you want to take a look.

We were really getting out of the Patagonian Terrain now, the ferrocious mountains and the unpredictable stunning weather seems to be in our past.  We look out onto the cold, windy and dry flat lands.  It is an odd perspective since it looks as though it would be a mid summers warmth, although with my 5 layers on the bottom, 5 top layers, 2 pairs of socks, 2 neck warmers and gloves and the cold wind still manages to eat away.  Despite the cold ride ahead and the flat tires, we still do not hesitate to grab that extra throttle and persevere.

To continue, once Peurto Natalas was out of reach, the spitefuly tire decided to pop and leave us stranded.  Patched, and back in, lets continue.  Another 50 km, pop.  This time outside of a gas station.  I stayed behind and derrick drove around to get some professional help.  5 hours later, derrick emerged, still with smile with a round tire in hand.  Night had fallen so we quickly put the tire back on and found a hostal to dress the wounds of the day.  Watch gladiator that night, spanish subtitles, hoping we could learn something, and read and rest.