Chile, Pellahue - Dirt Roads and Hidden Lakes

Started off the morning a little late with the standard chilian breakfast, bread, butter, and yogurt.  and some instant Nescafe.  We decided to take the long road around the the pan american highway which meant our first dirt road.  This weaved through a couple of lakes and some amazing natural reserves.  I was the only one that dropped my bike after giving a little to much front brake on some gravel.  Nothing damaged and not hurt, all good.

After weaving through the coastal foothills we arrived on some tarmac and had lunch at a fishing village.  After lunch we did another 100 km and ended up at Pellahue, which is apparently where eduardos dad spent some time growing up.  The town itself had a vacant and run down feeling, but after talking with the waiter he told us of the destruction of the recent tsunami.  The vacant beach we were overlooking, was full of beach houses and condos until the tsunami swept through ripping everything from dryers to cars to houses out.  The epicenter of the earthquake was just south of Pellahue and it shows.  Just and interesting reminder of what happened not long ago.