Argentina, Porito Moreno - Glaciers and caught out in the rain

We headed out into the natonal park that the glacier of Porito Moreno is located to see if the brochure did the real thing justice... Well it didn't. The glacier was a sight to see. There were many board walks to follow and many opportunities to take pictures. After we stopped at a rest stop which had a view of the glacier. Cooking under cover, tourists by the bus load kept interrupting our lunch. However, we had great conversation while we cooked. Felt kind of awkward while they were taking pictures we were hunched over a small camping stove stirring soup.

From the glacier we headed towered the Chilean border to cross into Cerro Costillo. Before going inside to Chilean customs and immigration the sky was sunny and it was light out. After leaving it was raining and dark. We rode around this tiny town and found no where to stay. Colin with his broken Spanish asked a lady at a tourist souvenir shop where we could stay for a night. She offered her place to us where we could sleep on the couch. We gladly accepted and spent the night in a random house in a random small town on chile. Turned out to be a great experience as they could only speak Spanish. Had some great conversations with the family.