Argentina Final Thoughts

We quiet enjoyed Argentina and its cheap gasoline.

In the South the people there are exceptionally nice.  As you rode down the highway people would flicker their highbeams and wave.  People there would seem to go out of their ways to come talk to you and find out where you are from.  Even tho the conversation was short with our limited vocabulary they seemed to enjoy the conversation and enjoyed staring out our bikes.  The usual question would be what size engine.  Reply with seize y cinquenta and they would reply with Grande...even tho a 650 in Canada is on average for engine size.  Even tho the KLR is a 650 I would consider it to be one of the slowest in its CC range.  Furthermore, people here are always willing to help as we found out from our flat tire fiasco we encountered for the most part in Argentina.

The roads in Argentina are some of the straightest, challenging, and windy roads Ive come across.  There is wind in Patagonia.... that is an understatement.  To experience wind constantly for an entire riding day is exhausting and will wear you down from the constant noise and force it puts on your body.  Its a weird feeling to ride down a straight road but you are constantly leaning into the wind.  Now throw in some rutted gravel and you have another challenge to keep you busy which is well known as the Ruta 40.  Surprised we didnt have any mishaps on the highway as it is quiet easy to fall into a trance like state as you ride down that highway and could easy hit a gravel burm and fall.  Ruta 3 is a very boring and once again windy road but gets you where you are going fast.  Some interesting view points along the way as well.  Oh and passing a semi on a fully loaded KLR on Ruta 3 is something to experience..

Argentina seems to be more into their motorsports than Chile it seems.  Near Ushuaia you could see ATVs and dirtbikes ripping along trails that followed the highway for literally hundred of miles.  It was awesome to see dads picking up their children from school on their ATVs.  You would see ATVs with license plates riding all over the towns in the South as well as dirtbikers using the town roads to get to the local dirtbiking spots.  However, it did get pretty annoying with all their bikes at ATVs having loud aftermarket exhausts on them.  Even their cars are really really loud.

All in all, Argentina was a beautiful country and I would love to come back to visit the North one day.  Farewell Argentina, you provided us with some great memories.