Chile Tacna - Good Bye Chile.. Hello Peru

We left our beautiful hostel around 10:30 am and set off towards the border.  We were finally all back together riding in a pack of three again.  As we were heading out of town a large group of riders passed us with a Harley trailing in behind.  A few miles down the road we see him pulled over on the side of the highway.  We stopped to see if everything was alright.  His jacket had got caught in his drive train and jammed up his rear wheel causing him to skid a very long way to a stop.  It turns out he was the guy we met in a bar in Ushuaia riding his Harley 1200 Sportster all the way to Alaska in 9 weeks.  His front forks were completely shot from riding over 1500 miles of dirt.

Heres a good bye picture of our hostel in Iquque, Chile.

We made it to the border around 1:00 pm.  The Chilean side was a piece of cake. However, the Peruvian side took over 2 hours to jump through all their hoops. We rode into a town bustling with cars and small roads.  The town of Tacna, Peru.  The traffic here was nuts as cars are all honking and turning everywhere.  Seems like organized chaos as cars overwhelm the streets.  Riding the motorcycle through the town in traffic felt quiet safe as once again all the drivers seem very aware of their surroundings.  We found a really nice hotel for a really good price and called it a night.

Good bye Chile!