Chile, Santiago - So fresh and so clean

Today was the day of the inner mechanics in us to be summoned.  Started of the day by replacing the sprocket and chain and removing the tire from the rear.  "jacked" up we removed the tire and with our new found skills in tire removal, including using the kickstand to break the bead,  it was off in a jiffy.  

Once the tire was off and inspected, we noticed a nail buried deep, but thankfully hadnt popped the tube.

As for the sprocket, the old one resembled a wave more than a tooth, it was definitly time for the replacement one the wear on the chain was noted aswell.

Long story short, the oil is changed, air filters cleaned, tires, chain, and sprocket replaced.  The last thing which currently remains to be done is the vavle clearance check which once we investigated was an overly tedious job for working in an entrance way with limited tools.  We have decided to push off the check until we get some extra energy and appropriate room and tools. 

Tonight we may experience a little more of the beautiful santiago and get a taste of what is burried in this huge and busy center before we head north to meet the third musketeer.