Peru, Huanchaco - Into the Coastal Air

Having our typical camping breakfast, oatmeal and black coffee, we went off into the early morning sun. The time change in Peru has been hard to get used to.  Getting dark around 6, you have to get up around 7 at the latest to be on the road around 830.  But we made the most of it today, getting up around 6, just as the sun was peaking and took to the dirt road.

The terrain through the mountains made it known concentration was key.  The pavement was a dream, nice and smooth, little traffic and wide valleys.  Through when the road went dirt, all bets were off.  The traffic seemed to bunch up in the worst places, road was thin single-track, no guardrails against the cliffs on one side and the massive rock walls on the other.  The berms of the worn road made for some exciting riding, in some places you could use it to gain speed through the corners, feeling as though you were on a water slide.  In other places the berms simply made up a hazard, and when hit would send you either to the cliff side, or would pin you against the rock wall, the latter happening with Derrick and his beast.  

 Finally coming out of the mountains, we went on our way up to Trujillo where we were hoping to get Derrick's leaking radiator fixed once again.  Yes, again.  After arriving to town, we had some lunch and then toured around town looking for rad shops everywhere, again with everyone pointing in every direction.  Once arriving on the motorcycle street and being surrounded by about 10 different people, one of them told us to follow them and lead us to a remote place of the town, where we were told, "don't go out on the street" twice.  Bike apart, rad out, rad fixed, rad in, bike reassembled.

We headed for Huanchaco the surfing beach part of town.  We found a great hostel, Hostel Famile Suiza and headed for the beach.  We had some time, a couple of hours before nightfall,  so we rented some surfboards and wetsuits and hit the water.  It was a nice surf sesh, but unfortunately the waves were exactly consistent, with all of the local hitting land, you knew it wasn't good.  But I still managed to get a good wave and a few bails.  This is where surfing took off, with the fishermen taking their small reed boats out to fish, and then "surfing" their boats back into the shore with their bounty.  They still take those boats out today, one when we were out, and are shown in the picture.

After the showers we hit a restaurant and had the local speciality, Chiviche, and then a BBQ'd Corvina with potatos and salad.  One of our best meals yet.  The fish was fresh off the water, and you could tell.