Ecuador, Huaquilles - White sand beaches and the border

We arrived late the previous night and I still wasnt feeling 100% so we decided to have a lazy morning.  We woke up late and strolled over to a small cafe to have breakfast.   We then strolled over to the white sand beach and sat on a beach to watch the ocean and the clouds go by.  We decided by mid day that we were spent enough time being lazy and wanted to tackle the border of Ecuardor! 

The border is crazy to say the least.  Trying to find customs and immigration was pretty difficult as there were shops and people everywhere!  The border crossing took along time to say the least.  Lots of running around trying to figure out where things were.  We found out we had to purchase insurance for our bikes.  We paid a whole $4 USD for 30 days of coverage..... ICBC could learn a thing or two.  We sat in the Ecuardo Customs office for 2.5 hours waiting for them to sort out some ¨mission¨they had to go on which involved high powered rifles?  When we left the customs office it was dark so we decided to stay in Huaquilles which is a border town which is pretty crazy.  Smells of pollution and is very humid and hot.  Thank goodness for airconditioned rooms. 

Crazy area where Peru Customs is.

 Our hostel in Mancora let us park our bikes in the seating area.

A view from our room

The beautiful white sand beaches that line Mancora