Chile, Saler de Atacama - Off to the flats

A lazy morning which consisted of some laundry, blogging and brunch in the park along the beach is what occupied our time before we set off north with the destination of the salt flats.  We didnt really know how far we would make it since we were starting at around 1:30, so we planned for a camp and set off.


 The road along the coast was boring, straight and a little cold with the fog that seems to endlessly occupy  the coast.  We arrived at the turn off to go east into the salt flats, filled our tanks with the expensive fuel, and downed a hotdog with all the toppings and set our sights on the winding road  up the hillside into the altitude.  Within the first 30 km we had gained about 2100m, some spots having about a 10% grade.  As we gained height ou bikes began to lose power and the going got a little slower. We then took the road up into the mining area of the mine in the south.  Consistently passing large trucks we glided smoothly along the half tar half dirt road.  The elevation was then a little less noticable, with a tail wind and gaining another 700m up to 2800m.

From there we decended into the salt flats, some 700m below the foothills.  The view over the salt lake was a sight.  With the salt flats spanning some 3000 square km.  

We were hoping on getting some of those floating people shot that everyone seems to get, bu apparently that is in the Bolivian Salt Flats, which were hundreds of kms away, so we sufficed with some wheely shots in our salt flat.

We set up camp apparently beside a borax mine and made up some spaghetti over our stove and then gazed at the stars which were amazing due to the lack of light in this vast expanse.