Peru, Lima - Sandboarding in a desert oasis and another flat tire

We woke up in our tent which was set up on a tile floor just outside the hostel to some reggae. Got a little bite to eat and we were off to try our hand at sandboarding. We loaded up into a dune buggy with several others and headed into the dunes. The driver yells out Vamos and we fly up the dunes and descend down the other side.

We did a total of three runs. Basically a bunny hill, blue run, the a steep black diamond run. The first two we did on our tummies where you just hold on and bolt down the hill head first. The last one Colin and I tried to see if our snowboarding skills would transfer over. That they did not since the boards are literally a piece of wood with straps on them. Colins foot strap fell off and I gain speed and ate it on the sandy slope. Sand would get everywhere. Sandboarding was fun but I think we enjoyed the dune buggy a little more. Can't wait to get to the Baja and to rent some of our own.

We packed up and pushed our bikes through the hostel onto the road. It was pretty hot out so we were itching to get some air flowing through our gear. We headed off towards Lima. We were making good time until my rear tire decided to go flat again. Making a total of 17 flats. Basically, another sh*t patch. I borrowed colins bike and headed to a tire shop to get it fixed up. Tire shops in Peru are called ellantes. This was a good opportunity to throw the new rear tire on that I was carrying around. This killed a few hours out of our day so we arrived in Lima late and grab some Mcdonalds for dinner.

On a side note its amazing the amount of people I've seen cramme onto a small bike. The most I've seen yet is a family of 5 on a little 125 bike. Pretty crazy.