Chile, Lenquimay - Goodbye Argentina

Woke up late and headed to the grocery store to buy some breakfast. We headed over to the radiator shop one last time to see if they were in fact closed. Finding out they were we packed up and headed out of town.

We stopped off in a small town in a parking lot to cook up some lunch. We made spagehitti...with tuna..... And the tomatoe sauce wasn't exactly tamatoe sauce. Pretty nasty to say the least but it was food.

After lunch we headed out of town to Lengquimay where we found the best Internet cafe we've been in yet. Fast computers and a bowl of candy beside you to enjoy. Stayed in an amazing hostel in Lengquimay. The owners were extremely friendly, price was inexpensive and the food was great. He cleared out his gaage just for us to park our KLRs in. Not too much happened just glad to be back in Chile where the roads actually weave in and out instead to completely straight for miles like in Argentina.