Peru, Cusco - Do as the Incas do

We finally made it to Cusco!  The ride from Arequipa to Cusco is only around 600 kms but the route we chose was very scenic but was very slow going.  We ignorantly estimated 1 day from Arequipa to Cusco... it ended up taking us 3 days.  It didnt help that I crashed and got a flat tire on the same day.

Before entering Cusco we stopped off to see an Inca ruin called Pisac.  Was definitely a site to see.  We walked around for about an hour and a half checking out the ruins and standing close enough to the english speaking tour guides to over hear what they were saying.  The road into the Sacred Valley where the ruins are located is probably one of my favorite roads.  Just simply put ... you need to ride it to be able to understand how beautiful and fun it was.

The approach to Cusco gave an interesting look of the landscape, passing by cristo blanco and  Sacsayhuaman, we decened into the valley in which Cusco sits.