Chile, Talca - The road back to the start

We rode around Conception in the morning looking for parts for Colin´s bike and a radiator shop to fix the pin size holes they had developed.  We rode around aimlessly from store to store with no luck in find any parts as there was zero stock.  Lots of motorcycle stores were littered through the city but none had anything we needed.  The last shop we went into we met a man who was willing to lead us through the city to a radiator repair shop.  We sat in the parking lot and disassembled our bikes radiators.  We handed the radiators over to the more than capable folks at the shop.  They put the rads under water and shot compressed air into one end.  Sure enough there were bubbles streaming out of the tiny holes in the rad.  Colin and I were curious so we hung out in the shop beside him as he pried open the holes and filled them with solder.  He tested them and no more bubbles!  We threw the radiators back on the bikes in the baking sun and filled them with new radiator fluid.  All this work only cost us a whole 5000 Chilean Pesos which is about $10.00 CAD for both.

Heres the soldered radiator.

Heres the man of the hour who fixed both our radiators.

With our radiators all patched up we continued north towards Talca.  The journey there involved lots of windy roads and beautiful little towns.  While I was riding along a bee decided to crawl up into my helmet and sting me on my chin.  This sting is to add to the other 10 bites I already have from mosquitoes and other misc. bugs.  In Talca we stayed at a hostel just outside of town down a little dirt road.  This hostel was recommended to us by Eduardo as he had stayed here previously.  We arrived and enjoyed a vegetarian dinner.