Peru, Lima - Down Time and Parts Hunting

Well we have been forced to take some downtime in days past.  Once getting into Lima, we tried to get all the parts we need, derrick need a set of tires, some lights, and I need ANOTHER chain and sprocket set.  The chain which I found in Santiago seems to be of astounding low quality and not only managed to stretch the full length, but also to destroy another set of sprockets.  We had the name of a few places ad tried those, found the tires and lights, no chain or sprockets.  After about 40 soles in taxi rides, we found a larger shop about 10 blocks from our hostel which had the chain.  After a long discussion, and the mechanic taking a good hard look at things, he decided they would make some for me, but it was too late in the day, and we needed to wait until Monday, when the machine shop would be open once again.

In the down time we have done a lot of reading and relaxing.  The hostel has a great rooftop patio with a kitchen which we quite enjoying for making meals.

We also went to Larco Mar the close by very pricey shopping mall, but it was interesting none the less.  Saw some bad movies; it is really hard to translate movie titles to the ones you would recognize in english.  And just walked around a whole lot.

We are planning on taking off tomorrow if possible, hopefully finding the parts early enough, and then putting them on and getting a few 100 km out of town.  Wash us luck on the forthcoming continuing parts hunt.