Chile, Taltal - Coastal roads to desert plaines

Woke up to a very humid day at our beach camp spot.  The sleeping bag felt like it was soaked with moisture from the ocean breeze.  While we packed up our tent we boiled water for our oatmeal which we loaded with sugar.  After our delightful breakfast we headed out of our sandy camp spot towards Bahai Inglesa.  The road was an interesting combination of dirt and tar.  It almost looked as it was paved and then no one waited for it to harden then drove over it.  The road consisted of pavement which was encased in hardened tire tracks, interesting to say the least.

We decided to have our lunch break in beautiful Bahai Inglesa at a small little restaurant called Shark.  They served us some empanadas and pollo.  After lunch we walked around a bit to enjoy the white sandy beach and the bay around us. 
 Below is the dog who enjoyed the afternoon withus.  He would come up to you and drop at rock just far enough from you that you would have to get up to throw it for him.  He would do this continuously...

 Just outside of Bahai Inglesa the fishing boats are anchored.  There are literally hundreds maybe thousands of these boayes sitting offshore.  We were curious and ventured out to take a closer look..


From Bahai Inglesa we continued down Ruta 5 and stopped in a hole of a town which I purposely forgot the  name of to find a laundry matt.  After 10 kms of searching and Gypsie women harrassing you for money with children who seemed to be kidnapped, we felt it was time to continue on.

We continued to the Pan de Azucar National Park (Bread of Sugar?).  Once we entered the we came across this amazing long white sandy beach that we decided to take a break to rest our rears from the lengthy ride.  The park is dotted with incredible organized camping site which are located right on the beach.  One of the camp sites even had solar heated showers.

Once we left the park the road headed inland for a bit where the landscape turned to a desert.  We rode to a town in Chile called Taltal.  Taltal is a really nice small town along the coast with many hotels and residencials to stay.  We also found a laundry matt here that would wash our clothes and have them ready by the next morning which is rare since everything is closed on a Sunday.

That is all.