Peru, Arequipa - Incan Miles

Breakfast in bed sounds pretty appealing only being just over a dollar.  We had to adapt to the 2 extra hours we had from the crossing into Peru.  Waking up earlier than usual, we downed the breakfast and paid our comparitvly cheap hostel when looking back at Chile and headed off for the parking garage.  My bike seems to be eating oil still, which is a known problem with the new KLR's.  After topping her off and oiling all the chains, we got the bike set up. We were still on the hunt for a Peru map so that we didnt have to rely on my GPS; much easier with a hard copy on front also.

We departed from the town with a litte difficulty and climbed up into the foothills.  The road to our lunch stop was a little staighter than we typically enjoy, but was nice none the less.  The lack of wind and presence of heat is quite valuable.  Lunch was in a little restaurant south of Moquegua, and like Peru seems to be showing, great food at great prices.

We departed for the next town and had an unexpected surprise of an amazing road which winded through the foothills, which we neglected to take pictures of and then headed further north.  Coming down into Arequipa, it was dark, due to the time change it is dark around 6 pm.  This makes for the necessity of early rides, which means wake ups at around 6.  Derrick loves the sound of this.

We had a little walk around the beautiful plaza then had a great diner at a BBQ chicken place down the road.  Played lots of pool and foose that night.

On another note; it looks as though we are splitting up again, as Eduardo is hitting the beach up to Lima, and Derrick and I are hitting the mountains.  Lots of interested stuff to see, Colca Canyon, Ruins, Macchu Picchu, and really interested towns.  Need tires and maps, may have half or full day off.