The southern peruvian coast road

This is the coast section from Arequipa to Lima. The road from Arequipa dropped down to the seaside town of Camana the had one of the nicest rides kind of like the ride from Anto to Tocopilla in Chile except peruvian styles with narrow roads and cliffs for at lest 250Km. Like Sea to Sky in desert/Peru mode. Then there was a beach road for at least 50 Km, could not resist and went for a dip. Made to Puerto Inka where there is hotel in a small beach besides the ruins of the warehouses for shipping marine products to Cusco. This was also th start of the inca road to Cusco. They had a mail service with relays every 7k os so. A message took 24h.

The hotel was nice and I had a room with a view and I could hear the waves at night.

I also had my first encounter with the police. A policeman flagged me down and I said here we go with the bribes, but he just wanted to know how my trip was going and wished me luck, must have been bored.

The next day I rode to Huacachina passing through the nasca lines, then onto Huacachina, a small Oasis in the sanddunes. I visited the place 10 years ago and it was a sandbording place, now it´s a dune buggy place. Price of progress I guess. It was very hot at night and lots of mozzies (beware Derrick). Today the ride was easy except getting out of Ica because there is a new 2 lane highway and motorcycles do not pay tolls (hurray). Ive also learned that in Peru the headlight and horns are means of communications. The driving is not to bad, just don´t go sideways without looking.