Tumbas Reales del Señor de Sipan

While the two adventurers try to get their bikes fixed in Lima. I will provide the brainy section. Today I visited the ruins and museum of the Señor de Sipan. They have reconstructed the tombs and they have on display several recovered artifacts and jewelry. The museums starts at the top and takes you down to the reconstructed tomb. They were discobvred pretty recently just ahead of the grave robbers. The graves belong to the pre Inca Mochi culture. The actual tombs look like big eroded mud piles. It´s pretty sad all the people that had to be buried with these guy. They also had a a patio de comidas where I had Pato con Arroz (the local specialty

The town of Lambayeque also has another museum by a german guy who saved a lot of treasures. Really beautiful gold pieces. It was a good day after 2 recovery days from the usual peruvian gut ailments.