Peru, Cabanaconde - A Long Rewarding Road

The second day in Arequipa we toured around town in the normal fashion; in a frenzied parts hunt.  On this occasion it was tires for Eduardo and Derrick.  After not finding any, and being to late to move to the next town, we decided to take it easy and tour around.  We went to a museum which consisted of a the frozen ice godess.  It was pretty interesting and also included a little movie which we attempted to stay awake for...

The next morning, we vetured out of town together and had a nice ride on the last pavment Derrick and I would see for quite some time.  80km out, we waved goodbye to chileman, and ventured into the abyss.

The road was rough, averaging about 50, we figured the long road ahead could only get better.  Then she started to weave up the mountain side.  Averaging 30 or 40 by this point, we set our sights a little lower than Cusco which we had orginally intented. 

Once we gained a sufficient amount of elvation, rending us both short of breath, acheing and with a numbed mind.  Derrick rear tire decided to have some fun again and have a flat.  Thanks to our experience in the tire changing it only took an hour at this elevation and a short nap for myself on the rocks beside the road, and off we went again.

The road came down into a small but nice town where we had lunch in the Plaza.  Many locals came to talk to us, including a Ketchua (probably not spelt correct) man named Alpaca, we think.  We thought it was just our poor spanish, but after much back and forth we figured out it was another language.  A nice rice and tuna lunch and off we went.

The road past the town decided to show the rewards, and they were sweet indeed.  We were now in the grasps of the Colca Canyon, one of the largest canyons.  With the stricking green terrain and terraced farms, we felt refreshed from the hurdles earlier.

We stayed in a Cabanaconde, a small town which many tourists use for a hub to hike the Colca.  Stayed in a very nice Hostal which someone had written, Great place, very cold, in what looks like my sisters Kileys writing.  Really cool town, great food, very chill.  Went to bed a little early so we could witness the condors in the Colca the next day.

Below is derrick practicing his lean angles... actually this is our attempt at straightening his crash bars...